Thursday, August 22, 2013

Almost ready...

We r juuuust about ready to slip all lines and head out! We were put in the water yesterday so that was a big day for us. They brought over a tractor and lifted us up, took us thru the boat yard and slowly eased us back into the water. Then they took the lines and guided us to the dock where we tied off next to our new neighbors from Cali. We didn't start the engines because the diesel is old and needed to drain the old fuel and put in new fuel. Ty just went to town with a couple of borrowed jerrycans to get fuel while I wait here for the electrician. Our windlass stopped working and we kinda need that to release and pull up the anchor. Ty and I took the boom off this morning and took it to the shop to get a part welded and the welder is coming to the boat to weld a couple parts on the Bimini. And now it's raining. So much for that. We were going to leave tomorrow but its lookin like Saturday will be better for us. Ha it's reaaaaly pouring now...aaaand I have towels n clothes hanging to Least I know which hatch leaks now... The one right above my head...:-/

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