Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Night passages

We left the marina in Raiatea Saturday morning and fueled up in town then off we went in our first passage just the two of us. We motored the whole way to Tahiti since we were beating into 17 knot winds on our nose. We just felt somewhat sick from not being on the water in a while and we just switched watches when the other couldn't keep their eyes open any longer. Wasn't the most pleasant passage but we made it to Tahiti around 10 am and picked up a mooring ball. Our dinghy is stowed on the trampoline for passages because the lift in the back is not high enough and the waves kinda break high back there. So we attach a halyard to it and lift it using a winch to raise and lower it in the water. We went up to the marina office to meet Greg and spoke with the harbor master to find a spot to dock so we could get some stuff done. Ty docked the boat beautifully in between two very veeeery big yachts lol. We spent Monday and half of Tuesday getting tanks filled and getting supplies and groceries. We have 6 scuba tanks ready to go and 2 propane tanks filled straight from the factory itself. ...pain in the bum....the fitting here for propane tanks is different than the ones we have. We have the ones that are used in South Africa and the US and some other places so here we had to take a taxi all the way to the actual factory to have them filled and it was a HUGE relief when they said they would actually fill em up!!! They argued with the taxi driver back and forth for like 10 min before someone finally said ok drive thru. we took off around 3 after fueling up again. Around 7 we fired up the grill and had an amazing steak dinner with salad and bread of course. No queasy stomachs this time! We motor sail downwind so it's smooth again;). It was so ....I dunno it was just that moment where we finally relaxed and realized we were sailing in French Polynesia and sitting out on our deck with a beautiful meal and good wine under the stars of a cloudless sky....

One set back tho haha boat maintenance is never ending so upon leaving Tahiti we discovered water in the oil in the gearbox so we re routed to Raiatea to have this looked at. Theeeen to Bora Bora. 

Ty woke me up at about 0330 to take over watch and not much going on out here so I just listen to my iPod, do some maintenance on ma nails....counted 4 shooting stars and watching the sunrise now....tonight was cool because it was a really bright moon and no clouds so you can see tons of stars. Then to the east you can just see the halo of the sky changing to an orange hue. So to the east you have this slight glow and on the edge of that glow BAM! Dark sky with Stars and a white half awesome!!! 

Yep that's a bud light...we had to at least get a 6 pack..:)

That was actually my beer...Ty was just tastin it...doesn't taste the same what I wouldn't give for XX or modelo!!!

Biggest sailboat I've ever seen!! HUGE!!!

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