Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Walkin in paradise

So we found the boat last night on the hard dock here in Raiatea. It's about ohhhhhh 10 maybe 12 feet up in the air and there was no ladder for us!...lol...we found a sort of ladder in the boat yard and pulled the boat ladder down and pulled ourselves up on the boat. It was dark out and we just wanted to get aboard and go to sleep already so we just found our way up n passed out. This morning we woke up to an amazing view of the turquoise water and Bora Bora off in the distance. Wow there is a lot of work to do here! Lots of cleaning and organizing and makin of list of things we do and don't need. And deciding what needs to be fixed so we can get in the water finally. So we woke up and cleaned for a bit and then went to grab lunch at this little place around the corner. The snack mimosa was pretty good but it was the biggest plate of food I ever did see! Prices are crazy here. That plate was about $11 so prolly shoulda split that one...anyway we walked to find a market and ended up walking for about 2 hours and found nothing! Lol just lush tropical jungle on one side of the road and then blue water on the other. It's so nice not too hot and the water couldn't be more perfect. Ok no more blog...I cleeeeean...;)

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