Sunday, August 11, 2013

I cleeeean....

For the past week we have been cleaning the crap outta this boat! Haha a year of bein out of the water and there is so much dust n cobwebs to clean out. We have been organizing and cleaning nonstop pretty much. And we are finally done ... Well for the most part. It is definitely feeling more homey now. We went grocery shopping and walked about 2 miles to the store with our empty bags. We loaded up on bread and peanut butter and some snacks. Oh and a case of beer! Hinano Tahiti beer in recyclable bottles and a real case or crate. If we bring back the crate n bottles we get some money back and if we buy a case of beer they give us a ride back to the boat!!! Haha;) 

We put the trampoline on the other day so it's starting to look like a real boat!

And we put the new reefing lines in today. 

We got someone to come bypass the electrical emergency shut off for the gas stove so we can use it for now. Finally we have COFFEE again!!! 

The shower n bathroom for the boat yard is about 100 yards away so we always take trash out with us and take the water jugs to refill when we go for showers...cold showers...cold cold showers. Haha but you get used to it after about 30 seconds. It's not so bad. We refill the big water jugs so we have drinking water and a way to do dishes n stuff since we don't have running water yet. 

We went swimming yesterday right here off the dock. It was so hot out after workin in the sun so we went for a dip and saw a bunch of fish that hang out right here. Lots of yellows n blues n striped ones... Really cool to find that many just right here so I wonder what's out there along the reef. 

So far we have found 3 spear guns and a bunch or rods n reels. Plenty of lures to play with and a belt harness thing that you can wear for reeling in huge fish. We found the snorkeling and scuba stuff too so we used the snorkel equipment already and about to go out again! 

Here's Ty playing with all the fishing equipment. Haha the tail on the little one actually moves so it looks real! 

So this week we r having both motors worked on for minor stuff, a new paint job, replacing the rest of the lines w new ones, putting the genoa back up and maybe taking the mast down for a welding job on the spinnaker block. 

We got our first reference letter today from our delivery skipper Kenneth!! He gave us a great review and said we are hard working and even turned out to be great cooks!! :) 

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