Monday, August 5, 2013

Travel travel travel

Traveling is not the most fun right now. We rose pretty early last Thursday to catch the bullet train from Nice to Paris which was about 6 hours or so. Then we took a taxi to the airport to catch a plane to Auckland. We boarded and waited about three hours before they informed us that an engine was down and the parts would not arrive till the next morning so they put us up in a hotel for the evening. Soooo we got to bed around 4 am finally and then back to our flight at noon or so. Flying into to Dubai is always cool cuz the runway is lit up like a Christmas tree. But then we discovered we would be staying in another hotel...grrr I just wanna get to Tahiti already!! So we left this morning and now we r in Brisbane Australia for just a short layover then catch a flight to Auckland New Zealand. ;) this flight should only be a few hours then we have an hr layover til we catch our flight to Papeete!!! We check into a hotel in Papeete and then go find and prep our boat to be put in the water!! And a weird time zone will be Saturday night when we get there so it'll b yesterday...

The downfall about flying so much is that you really don't get to get out and see much of the the weirdest/coolest thing I saw was the ladies room in Dubai...a hole in the ground needless to say I haven't traveled enough to bring myself to use something like that yet :)

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