Monday, September 9, 2013

All choked up...

Here we are sitting in the most beautiful place in the world...and all I wanna do is teleport to LA for a couple days!!! My new cousin baby Nico Francisco Barajas was born yesterday and everyone is healthy and couldn't be happier;) 
Isn't he handsome!?!?!?! So happy for my uncle J and aunt L-Boogie;)

Ty n I are currently moored at the Bora Bora yacht club...taking a few days to relax and hang out until the wind picks up in our favor. We met another couple from Cali and they have been a blast to hang out with. I am quite jealous of all their toys and now I must have a paddle board!!! They have a kayak and paddle board and a lil dinghy that they made a sail for... I would like to have a two person kayak and an inflatable paddle board. So prolly gonna pick em up in American Samoa when we get the rest of our work done. 

We had the best chicken tacos last night!!! Oh so good! Our friends brought over the tacos and I made a salad and some rice. Ooh and she brought chocolate cake with Nutella icing! Yum. 

We saw manta rays this morning otw back from an anchorage we stayed in last night. We also had our steering wheel lock break off so now we need that fixed as well a the main sail and the spinnaker block....always somethin....

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