Monday, September 2, 2013


This island is just a short day sail away from Bora Bora. We left around 7am and got to Maupiti at 12:30 and anchored in one of the two anchorages. The climbing trail takes you up the mountain at 360 meters and you can see the whole island around you. It took us about an hour to hike and climb up and I bout died on the way there but the view was so worth it!:) there were some pretty sketchy spots where you must pull yourself up with using the rope that is anchored in the rocks there and go straight up but it was surprisingly easy. On the way up I just kept thinking How the hell am I gonna get back down!?!?!? Buuuut it was even easier to get back down so no worries. We walked thru "town" and saw some locals playin games n ridin bikes. We decided to make our way back to the boat and begin prepping dinner. Mmmmmm steak potato and corn on the cob. A little but of wine and everyone slept just fine:) today we are going to snorkel and dive and look for more manta rays. We heard they have some here as well. 

I think it's a whale skull...?

Mornin sunshine!!!

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