Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mermaid thievery!!!

We had an amazing trip with the boat owner and we said goodbye to him yesterday. We had to get pulled out of the water again to replace the seal on the port sail drive. The work was finished within a couple hours and we were put back in the water and grabbed a mooring ball.  :( ya know when you live on a boat your flip flops become your new high heels. I had the most beautiful havianas and kicked em off on the transom when we came back from dropping off The owner. Overnight a mermaid took our shoes and left us with a fish....not amused....I miss my lovelies!!
Luckily someone left some flip flops here on the boat so I'm using those for the time being. Yeah they are too small and don't exactly cover my whole foot but they'll do for now.... Damn u mermaid!!!

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