Monday, September 30, 2013

Passage to American Samoa

These past few days have been pretty hectic for me. Ok lemme clear that up. The past few days have been great sailing weather absolutely awesome sailing!! Unfortunately I have had a fever of 103 and I can't shake it. Nights sweats, body aches, severe pain behind the eyes and high fever. Havent been able to eat anything or had the energy to cook in 4 days. Ty said I had dengue  fever!!! :( I still make it to the helm to do my watches but if I'm not lying down I feel like crap. We finally called Dr B on the sat phone and he said to take the meds he left us with and call him in a few days. He said I had the bloody flu....:( 
I've never been sick to where I had so much pain behind my eyes it's so bizarre. ...
No luck on fish yet. We had 3 lines out and now we r down to 2. We got a good bite but we can't seem to set the hook and reel em in..... 

We hit out first squall out here. Ty n I saw it comin so we ran all over getting sails put up and down and furled away, kicked on both motors and waited for the worst. It looked baaaad and huge In the distance. It dumped a ton of rain on us and stole our wind!!!!>=[  we were ready for all the worst winds and all it did was rain for a bit and left us with no wind!! Lame. 

Finally got over the fever when we landed in Suwarrow!! This place was so beautiful! White sand. Palm tree after palm tree. Crystal clear water and tons of sharks! We had about 12 pet black tip reef Sharks that hung around our stern all day every day. We stayed for about 3-4 days. We snorkels the reefs and swam with the manta rays! Yeah I am getting better about getting in the water. It's getting easier and I like it more and more every time I work up the nerve to get in;). The Suwarrow rangers are awesome btw. There are two that stay on the island and we had an awesome beach BBQ potluck on our last night there. I made a massive batch of tortillas and they were gone by the end of the night. We left the next morning after swimming with the mantas and we are now gonna be in American Samoa tomorrow morning. Yay McDonald's and free wifi!!!

We caught a massive dorado finally! I reeled it in and when we finally got him on board he made a huge bloody mess but we are eatin pretty good right now:) 

We have had a few squalls but no high winds or anything hectic so far. It was quite nice actually. Having a huge downpour, in the dark, eating lamb chops and drinking wine inside....radar on of course and popping my head outside every 5-10 min .... A little island music and we had a nice evening. Even let the rain fill our water tank! 

We did laundry in the jungle from the well water. Or rain water collected in this well it was pretty awesome doing laundry in the jungle and then hangin to dry on a line in the middle of the island. We also got to watch the rangers feed the sharks. They feed them on the other side of the island twice a day. It was pretty intense watching them all fight over scraps and watching the big ones come in so close to shore! 

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