Friday, September 13, 2013

Gale force!

Maaaaan the wind is PUMPIN!!!! It's been a hectic and consistent 25 knots of wind here in the marina. Glad to be secured on a mooring but still get a little uneasy feeling when it gusts up to 30 knots. With wind like this it's hard to get anything done outside but the inside is spotless lol.... So we figured out how to rig the mainsail so as soon as the wind dies a bit we can put the baton cars on and be on our way outta FP! 

So Ty and I noticed there are sooo many fanny packs going on here...we can't figure out if FP stand for French Polynesia or fanny pack! Haha either they are makin a comeback or they never left;) ill be sticking with my lil Hurley daypack but to each their own. 

So our friends on Privateer loaded up our hard drive with all the best 80's movies!! I'm so excited!! And they added THE PRINCESS BRIDE!!!!! I'm in heaven. ;) they got all our good music to choose from and repaid us with awesome movies. Can't wait to watch The Lost Boys and Princess Bride. 

Friday the 13th...nothing bad has happened but we DID see a boat dragging anchor near the moorings...then we saw one person up at the now taking the anchor up so we thought it was all ok but then we were on the dinghy dock of the yacht club and the person is jumping up n down and waving both arms (international symbol for Help) seemed they were able to navigate thru all the boats but ya never know...maybe they needed help maybe not but I let the guy from the yacht club know so he got on the radio... Seemed like they were in control so no worries. 

Some other friends we have on Just Drifting said there were whales in the marina the other night!! So sad we missed that. We did see whales on the way from maupiti to bora so we didn't totally miss out. 

My Tahitian pearl;)

Lela and Chris....nice Cali peeps and they bring us cake!!!

Gotta rep my team all over the world. ;)

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