Friday, February 21, 2014

LaRue's Brews

So Tyrone started brewing his own beer. Many people do it here and I gotta say its better than spending crazy amounts of money on beer. It crazy expensive here! He bottled the first batch today and it will be ready in 2 weeks...and hes making another batch today to start it on the fermenting. One batch makes 12 bottles at 2 liters each for a grand total of.....67 beers...i think...There are 5.5 beers in each bottle so yeah...
Sterilizing bottles


LaRue's Brews....ready in 2 weeks

Still cooking up a storm over here. We are 2 miles from town so I cook breakfast lunch and dinner every single day...Our neighbors in the boat next to us are replacing their rudders and they have a car so they have been giving us a ride into town when we need one. 

It has been raining non freakin stop over here and yesterday was the first day it didnt rain like all we finally got out of the boat and started sanding the bottom. We have an insane amount of barnicles to clean off and we have to get every single one off before we can paint the bottom. Which we are doing ourselves by the way. We are going to put on a few coats of anti fouling. They charge so much here and everyone else in the boat yard does their own work so they show us what to do. So we bought suits and everything and we look like meth cooks hahahaha....
We did some sanding in the shop over here too. We are varnishing the seat on the back of the boat and the piece of wood that the outboard motor sits on...well we left it in the shop for a few days while it was raining and someone now has a new piece of wood for THEIR outboard motor...:(

You may have noticed we updated the look of the blog. Let us know if you like :) We took that photo while on our delivery to Nice...It is currently Ty's laptop background...

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