Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Surfing day!

Went for a surf on the new board this morning! I paddled out to get my very first wave and I catch it but i didnt stand up...why? because a friggin SHARK swam directly under me and grazed my board with his dorsal fin!!!!!!!!! I stayed laying down on the board and just rode the wave in and then decided maybe I should just take photos today and let the boys go out and play....It was the worst moment of my life...what are the odds of a shark being right there right at that time and so freakin close?!?!?! in the shallows?!?!?! ugh my first wave on my new board and I didnt even go back out today. Tomorrow we will try again and maybe this time my day wont be ruined by running into a damn shark...it was a bronze whaler by the way which supposedly have small mouths so they go after small fish and they have not had an attack on this beach in over 2 years or something like that. I dont care it was big enough to scare the crap outta me and way too close for comfort on my first try...it literally swam directly under my board and grazed it with its fin!!!! So after about 10 minutes the boys went back in and I took these photos...
Preppin the new board! its an 8'6" 22.5"wide and 3"thick

Ty 1

Ty 2

Ty 3

Ty 4 - up on his first try!

me on the shore cuz i attract sharks

The board is perfect for small waves such as these

Its easier to get up and ride the wave even in small surf

Ty was able to get up several times

now hes just showin off :)

This is a good photo but what you dont see is that he is actually already falling off lol

Playin with the camera

Trying to get a low shot of the waves

Ty up on Bens board which is way smaller

The halo is actually crystallized ice molecules....means we are gonna get hit by a low in the next 24-48hrs

heeeeyyyyy...still not bored enough to go back out with that bronze whaler guy...

Ben riding our board

the mount in the background

Interesting art work on Bens board

Maori statue in the park by the fish n chips place

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