Monday, February 3, 2014

Pics from way back

I found my camera yesterday and discovered some old pics from Maupiti which was our favorite spot in French Polynesia and some from Suwarrow which was our all around favorite place in the world so far. And then some pics from our walk to town yesterday.
Captain LaRue

Entering Maupiti-French Polynesia

selfies in Maupiti :)

looking for coral heads

We climbed that rock in Maupiti


Fish n Chips in Tauranga

These seagulls are HUGE!!! like abnormally big...

My new case! Im a little obsessed with this red n black plaid thing right now...just bought a shirt w the same print in a second hand store for $10!! Clothing shops here are ridiculously expensive and i refuse to pay that much for clothes...

Cool van in Tauranga

We cant seem to get passed a book store without stopping in :)

Hanging from a wall clock in a cheese shop

Didnt have my size :)

I am trying to see how long i can go without eating meat. So i have replaced steaks with portobello mushrooms. 

Back in Suwarrow just hangin out

Broke out all my jewelry that i have to keep in ziplock bags so they dont corrode 

Didnt even know we were coming to Auckland back then but its 1850nm from Suwarrow
i dont count fish as meat lol i can still eat fish once or twice a week and this place has the BEST fish n chips-Turanga

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