Sunday, February 9, 2014

Off to Whangerai we go

We left Tauranga sadly 2 days ago. We stayed one night on Mayor island again to wait for the wind to change in our favor and did an overnight passage to Whangerai. I saw 1 boat on my watch....1!!! It was pretty creepy being the only boat out there. Makes me feel like "what does everyone know that I dont?" lol....anyway we are sitting outside the harbour entrance waiting for the tide to change so we can up the river and to the marina where we will be hauled out and repaired finally We have a massive 2 page list of things we need to do to have this boat ready before we leave New Zealand for New Caledonia.

I have recently quit eating meat. Dont know if I mentioned that yet or not. I just was reading up on it and decided to see how long I could go without eating meat. It just because it is a healthier way of eating and if you do it right you can lose a little weight in the process. Its been a little over a week I think and Ty is not being supportive at all. If anything he sounds like he feels abandoned haha! He eats like a whole roast lamb while I have a portobello mushroom with a little cheese n tomato. Ive been doing a lot of roasted veggies and couscous, grilled eggplant instead of grilled steak...stuff like that. I dont really feel any different yet but my clothes already feel a bit more comfortable:) I think the best part is I dont even crave not in the least bit.
Grilled portobello mushroom w cheese, tomato n basil...sauteed veg on the side

Veg soup in the making

Veg soup completed...soooo good..added red pepper flakes for spiciness :)

Starboard water pump...diff from port water pump...greeeat...

Tyrones office

Tys workshop

He's becoming quite the self taught mechanic!

And electrician...

oops the wire is not even connected...that explains a lot...

Alderman Islands

The rest of the alderman islands new zealand

SA pride!

Fishing lure....that hasnt worked..YET...

Just discovered i can add cool effects with my camera itself!! 

Caught a TUNA!!! finally!!! on a diff lure that I picked out thank you very much!

The Hitchhiker 

All these fish started jumping out of the water as we sailed past

Awesome sunset

Ty trimmin the sails

my camera can do this too!!

Ok well we are entering the Whangerai channel now so up the river we go!

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