Thursday, February 13, 2014

Waiting and waiting and waiting

We have been up on the hard for 5 days now. It sucks! LOL we have to run to the little clubhouse at the corner of the yard to use the bathroom and shower there. It is mostly clean though so its not too terribly bad. Everyone here is so nice and so helpful. We have already had every person come on board to look at what we need fixed which is a long list. The rigger came today to look at the fore-stay and our main sheet travel system and is coming back next Tuesday with a solution for us. The steelworks guy came and looked at our frame that we need replaced and is getting a bid and a plan together for us to replace the support system. The mechanic came on Wednesday to take apart our sail drive and he is currently rebuilding it. He said when he opened it up it was a total hack job meaning he has to rebuild the thing i guess. Our parts could take up to 10 days to get in so it looks like we are stuck here for the next 2 weeks almost.

Town is a good long trek from the boat yard. This boatyard is so new there is absolutely nothing for at least a mile and then there is 1 little marine store but they can get anything for us within a day or two and deliver it to the boatyard. They know how far it is...We were walking to town...well to the marine store and someone just pulled over and offered us a ride. That's how long and empty this road is back here haha. She was a really nice older lady and apparently the only way to get around is to hitchhike. We got a ride on the way back to from the boatyard manager. He saw us walking and pulled over.

Hobbit country!

We anchored by the dock for a day before they hauled us out

Cardio on board

Made a cake for Ty but we only have 1 square dish and 1 round dish lol

On the hard again...

We have run into la medianoche in 4 different countries so far

Decisions decisions...

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