Friday, April 25, 2014

Adios Tauranga

We finally slipped our lines and left Tauranga today. We are doing an overnight passage to get to Opua to check out and get some last minute stuff like the carpet we have been waiting weeks for....we ordered it so it will be there when we get there and then someone will just come and cut it to fit in the cockpit. We ordered it from Steve but it just didn't show up in time. There was another holiday this weekend so all these stores are shut down and everyone is off their game. Oh well. We should be in Opua tomorrow night or early Monday morning and leaving no later than the 3rd I think. Maybe the 4th. We are gonna leave after the next low pressure system moves through. Our neighbor Andy come over last night and brought some fish! And then he cooked us dinner! Then took us out on his fishing boat to haul in the nets he put out earlier. So we got fish for days now! I'm so glad. I was about to breakdown and eat a steak. I've only been eating veggies lately since we haven't been out and fishing. So it's our first night passage in a few months and we are motor sailing at about 5.5 knots. The wind should pick up tomorrow evening for us but hopefully not too much. 

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