Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Randoms from March

Well we made it through April Fools day with no fooleries...Right now we are working on some last minute boat projects that have recently come up. We discovered a hole in the top of our starboard water tank which poses a huge problem..if we want water...so Ty has been letting it air out and dry for about a week now and we are going to the store to buy some fiberglass stuff to fill the hole and hopefully fix the problem so we don't have all our water drain into the bilge and go overboard. We also inspected the steering cable that controls the rudders and it has frayed so we are going to replace it. We are replacing the starboard kill switch cable as well as it has not been working either. Ty has to go into the cabin, lift the cover and kill the engine manually every time. We had the welder come on board and he quoted us about $500NZD to reinforce the bimini where its broken and also adding extra support so it doesn't move while we are sailing.

We got to hit up a rugby match last weekend! We took the bus to Auckland and met up with Gizmo who then introduced us to a few more people in the industry. We had the best night ever! We had free dinner and drinks included with our ticket purchase which was only $30NZ, our team won and then we went out on the town for some dancing and shenanigans...it was an awesome night. Next day we got up and found this little gem of a restaurant in the city. It was a really good Mexican restaurant with awesome micheladas!!! I have been dying for a good michelada lately and finally got my spicy fix. Of course the waiter thought I spoke spanish right away and started babbling something which only embarrassed me since I don't really speak the language fluently....oops....

Not the best picture but shows you how close we were....nothing like a football game in the nosebleeds!

Selfie at the beach while the boys surfed in the background

Hobbiton - hobbit hole...all the materials used to create the set were brand new so they had to do some major aging to the wood and stuff. They use vinegar to make it look aged. Oh and behind the door...nothing!

Was ready for the cold weather in the south island and packed all this warm clothes...it was hot every day....

Ty n Alec drank this beer that uses the yeast in this guys beard as an ingredient...ew!

This is as far south as we went. It is at Fox Glacier....The river runs grey here...glacier water runs grey!

More from Hobbiton

One free hobbit beer at the Green Dragon...good times...good times...
On our hike we probably crossed 20 of these narrow bridges

Awesome sunset from way back

See the monkey?!

Still goin strong with the vege thing

Heeey I love hiking!

Top of Devil's Staircase

At the vineyards they put roses at the end of the rows. Back in the days before technology, if there was something wrong with the vines it would show on the roses before it was too late to save the grapes.

Now that's Love...:)

Fox Glacier in the south island. 

I like this photo because it looks like we were photo shopped in haha....Thats the volcano from Lord of the Rings - Mt Doom in Mordor

Hobbiton with the party tree. They really have a big garden here. Even though its all props and fake houses and some trees are fake the veggie gardens are real and quite nice actually...

Dont jump!!!
Jordyn drew us a picture! We love it thank you! Its hangin on the fridge :)

We picked these mussels from a mussel farm on Great Barrier and had them oh so fresh

with this snapper that we also racked up on while fishing from the dinghy around the mussel farm

On our 2 day hike we would stop and eat lunch along the river like this

I think my favorite part of the whole trip was the wine tour. I have been dying to do a wine tour since south africa!

There is only 1 winery that still uses corks and it is because the owner is french and is loyal to the cork!....for now

Pinot Grigio grapes

Last winery of the day...nice view

Some river rafters rafting the river...we thought it was a nice view so we pulled the car over and took some photos

We touched glacier ice!

Big waves rolling through pounding these rocks to make them look layered like pancakes

We were in Frodo's bedroom!

Went to Rivendell to see if Orlando Bloom was still there...nope...

Sorry Alec...I had to...WEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

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