Sunday, February 4, 2018

Aaaaaaand we're back!

Well hello again friends!! I know its been a very long time but it feels good to be back. I am very sorry that I have taken such a long hiatus, but there was not much travelling going on in the past couple years. I am SO pleased to say that that has changed!

First off our adventure ended on African Star in October of 2015....yes it was very sad. We left on great terms and still keep in touch to this day. The boat is nearly done with her circumnavigation and almost back to South Africa these days.

We on the other hand took a job working on a charter boat not long after our parting. We flew to St Maarten for training with a charter company and stayed for about a month before being permanently  stationed in The Abacos, Bahamas! We ran a 51ft Privilege for about a year and a half in one of the most underrated places on the planet. I must admit that when they told us where they would be needed our services I was slightly disappointed with it being so close to home and all. I really thought it would be Americanized and too commercial of an area. BOYYYYY was I wrong!!! Wow the Bahamas is so beautiful! Bahamas comes from the word Bahamar which translates to shallow waters. And that's exactly what they are there. Very shallow waters with pure white sandy bottom. The water reflects a shade of turquoise that will change your life! I didn't feel the need to update the blog much since we would take the same tour every single week and it would get a bit boring writing about the same places every week. I will be doing a huge portion update all about the beautiful Bahamas next.....for now its just an update of where we are and whats been up for the past couple years. With this charter company, we ended the season in the Bahamas in December and delivered the boat back to St Maarten where they then flew us straight to beautiful Bequia of St Vincent and the Grenadines. We did a few charters there in the Pirates of the Caribbean waters and went down to St Lucia and also to Grenada. We enjoyed those waters very much and its amazing the difference in colors where its more green crystal clear water than blues of the Bahamas. We spent Christmas and New Years there running the 70ft Fountain Pajot with 12 guests on board. Then we took a 6 week vacation and visited Austin and Houston to see besties and family :) ..... We went back to the Bahamas when the seasoned opened again in March of 2017 but turned in our notice and left the company in September. We were looking for more of an adventure and a little more travel instead of doing the same route each week. We ended up going home for a few months and during that time a friend of ours purchased a 40ft Jeanneau in France!! You might remember him from earlier in the blog from our amazing time in Vanuatu....he was one of the guys who set sail with us from Vanuatu to Solomon Islands. He was with us for about a month and it changed his life forever....the guy discovered sailing and nothing has been the same for him since. He picked up a few crew after his purchase and sailed across the Atlantic to the ever famous Caribbean waters and landed in St Maarten with nothing more and nothing less than the desire to get lost and explore the world renound Lesser Antilles AKA the West Indies! (guess who he invited to show him around?) aaahhhhh yes these two pirates right here :) :)

So our new adventure begins in St Maarten ... we flew in to meet Calicoba, the gorgeous girl he sailed in on and will be our new home for the next couple months. The adventure finally continues and there is no other place I would rather be right now.

P.S. I can’t get the photos to work just yet. Having some difficulty with the blogger app on my phone. If you would like to see photos at any time at all I have continuously been posting on Instagram. jlarue4 is my username or just search my full name. Jessica LaRue.

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