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Germany and Austria 2015

When we were in the Philippines waiting for African Star to finish the carpentry work, we took a little time to ourselves and went to visit some German friends we met in Palau. We took them diving and invited them on the boat for a few BBQ’s and beers. They invited us to come to Oktoberfest!! I really never thought it would happen but with so much time on our hands and also the boat was docked and safe so we decided to take a trip of a lifetime and go to Oktoberfest! We flew into Frankfurt and our friends met us with a big sign at the airport. They were just as excited to see us as we were them.

They took us to Marbach just close to Stuttgart for the festival and we had the time of our lives!!! Drinking massive beers, eating amazing food and riding rides that scared me to death. Everyone thought it was sooooo funny...not funny....
 Tyrone and Naomi diving Chandalier Cave in Palau...while Marcus and I prepared lunch on the boat!
 There's our friend hard at work as you can tell :) We would wake up each morning and meet him here at his family restaurant for breakfast before heading out.
 I am so in love with these streets and houses!! The whole town looked like this!
 That's our Naomi out front of the restaurant....which served the most amazing food...they only serve what they hunt themselves and bring to the restaurant.
 Happy to be reunited!!!
 Again so loved these narrow cobblestone streets of Marbach.
 We took a stroll around the block and ended up  at this old mans house which he has turned into a museum and a brewery. His beer was pretty good and he had a lot of interesting things on the walls.
 This being one of them. I think if you touch it, it's supposed to spit out money if you are lucky.
 See? It's nutritious and delicious!
 He had an old sextant on hand which immediately intrigued Tyrone and myself.
 Pretty cool...
 We would jump on a train each day to ride into town for the beer festival...
 It reminded me of our rodeo we have in Houston but on a slightly smaller scale.
 Since they had a restaurant they had tickets for the beer so we only had to pay 1 or 2 euros for these massive things!
 I had a bruise on my hand where the handle settled from the beer being so big and heavy....but you never heard me complain!!
 Aw now that's love :)
 People were standing on tables all dancing and singing and then there was Ty and Marcus lol.....
 On certain days their town put up a market in the streets.
 You can buy fresh flowers...
 Or vegetables...

 Or cheeeeese!!!
 Olive bar....this is where you would find me...
 They took us to our first soccer game. I think we won too so that was exciting.
 Here we go! They picked us up at the airport with this sign and some coats! Lol we showed up in linen pants and tank tops with flip thoughtful of them...we went straight to the mall to buy some warm clothes and what we couldn't get we borrowed from our generous hosts.

 They introduced us to some of their friends at their local whiskey bar they frequent. This guy taught us how to correctly use the Ü! It's almost like oooewww
 I think this was a lesson going on here....Tyrone showing Marcus how we do RenFest games...
 No we are not having any fun....obviously :)
 Not sure what I was trying but it was very German and Naomi is watching my reaction lol as if I wouldn't love it!?
 4 of kind we are!
More silly pics of us having fun
Tyrone was teaching Marcus the trick to hitting the bell every time...
Brothers being silly
I loved my minions and I think it was Marcus who won this for me!
OMG the best goulash I've ever hasn't been the same since :)
Maruss' bro and me
Us riding a death machine with Marcus sister Jessy....they loved to scare me...
aaaaaand that's me with my hands in the air lol....If you can't beat em....
There's the family! I love the family bonding activities this bunch takes part in.
I dunno but it was good....that's all you need to know haha
It took us a few days but we made it to a Beergarden for lunch one gorgeous day.
We even took a tour of one of the pics allowed inside but it was pretty cool...the hallways were much narrower than you would think...
They were having the pumpkin competition for the largest pumpkin and the theme for this year was "Flight" anything that flies they would put the pumpkins together to build that...
Alladin on his flying carpet...
ummmm....I'm stumped on why the piano was in the Flight category...
Airplane....all made from pumpkins of different size and color...
Of course I really loved this majestic lol
So the beerfest in other cities besides Munich are called something else instead of Oktoberfest...No idea how to say this but I think it says I Love (beerfest) lol
Big Steelers fan this guy is! Took this one for my Sarita
Another castle
They took us to the Basin...which was a big deal because people who are not from that town do not go we got a lot of stares when we walked in was cool...everyone was sitting at long tables together wherever there was room...Naomi said it was weird looking over and seeing us there haha but the wine and food were from the farm it was located was an awesome experience...
Getting toward the end of our 2 weeks together :(
They drove us to Munich to meet our girlfriend that we also met in Palau. She drove over from Vienna to attend a few final days of Oktoberfest. We met up with her for the closing ceremonies and drove back to Vienna to spend a few days walking around the city.
Here is Marlene with.....someone...haha sorry not sure who he was..
This guy was dressed to the max in all this original gear he's collected over the years! I loved his look and he let me take his photo...nice guy and I think he was a sailor too...
Marlene was visiting some friends in this tent and he got us up to the VIP area where we were able to watch the closing ceremony. So many more people than the one in Stuttgart.
Ah here we go this was our crew for the night! Turns out the guy hugging everyone has a TV show where he goes around to different restaurants and helps them improve their signature dish?? Something like that...He was a little bit famous. There was always a giggly girl standing around close by that wanted a picture with him...haha
Our little road trip back to Vienna was breathtaking!
The view of this beautiful country blew my mind.
I had no idea what we were in for when we told her we had a few days to spend visiting her!
The architecture  in Vienna is the most beautiful I have ever seen.
I loved the Gothic buildings and churches...
It's amazing when you are there like wow
The streets were filled with people selling fresh flowers and stuff.
Oh ya's just Mozarts last known address....that's all...:)
Love love love this city!
Tried to visit this museum but it was closing when we got there...
Even the statues on the buildings are so detailed.
My girl in her family restaurant! They had amazing food as well. I think it was one of the best steaks we have ever had in our lives! And the wine wasn't half bad either :) Marlene had to work so that when we would walk around the city and just come back to her restaurant afterward and sip wine until she got off work.

We met so many amazing people while we were sailing African Star. We were always pretty hospitable so when they say "if you are ever in my country you have to come visit me", we totally take people up on that offer. We love to travel but even more we love to see our friends that we make along the way. 

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