Friday, February 16, 2018

SVG & St Lucia

The first stop on charter in St Vincent is an island called Mustique. We parked the boat and took a tour with the guests in a van that drove us around the island. This view would be the windward side of the island. 

Tortoises are kind of a big deal here :)

This couple played Christmas music for us at the local bar. 

My honey gave me these lion fish earrings for Christmas while we were on charter. 

Everything is so lush and green here in The Grenadines 

Here’s the 70footer we ran for 2 weeks. They dropped me off with the guests and we took a hike around the island that end in a little place called Salt Whistle Bay. Our favorite little spot!

The beach is pretty bare until the cruise ships come in. Then all the vendors come out with their art and jewelry and colorful clothings to sell. 

Omg baby goats everywheeeerrrreee!!!!! I want one!

We stopped in here for a local beer w the guests. That hike makes everyone thirsty ;)

Well that says it all. 

At the top of this hike there’s a beautiful old Catholic Church. With the most amazing view. 

You can see Tobago Cays from the backside of this church. 

Next stop was St Lucia!! These amazing Pitons are volcanic formations that poke up out of the water instead of cratered. There are two of them called Petite Piton and Grande Piton. You can hike up them as well. Being a national park you can only pick up moorings here. No anchoring. 


No more cobblestones here...driving through town heading to the sulfur mud baths. 

Stinky sulfur 

Part of the beauty that is St Lucia. 

This was the best part! We got covered in sulfur mud, let it dry and cake on, then wash off in this hot bath here. 

More hot spring baths in the middle of the jungle. You can see why this was my favorite stop on this charter. 

They also have a botanical garden there where we saw many interesting things. There’s a wasp that lives here that is about the size of this tarantula. They lay their eggs on or in the tarantula so that when the eggs hatch the babies can eat their first meal.....tarantulas getting the short end of the stick on that deal...:(

Some pretty flowers I saw along the way...

This guy looks cool. Wish I knew what it was...

Nice looking waterfall and easy to get to! 

I love sunsets from the boat. 

Finally!!! We got some local fresh fruit from a Canoe!! Being a charter boat we get loaded with everything we will possibly need during a charter. I like to support the locals and get whatever I can from them. And it’s always fun and exciting to introduce people to new fruits and veggies. 

Back in Tobago Cays at the TURTLE SANCTUARY!!! This was such an amazing experience. There were turtles everywhere!!! And they don’t swim away from you in a panic like in the Bahamas. In the Bahamas they were still eating sea turtles up until a few years ago so the turtles there are super skittish. But this place!?!? Wow you can swim with them for hours!!!!

Walking around this island finding rock statues lol

Walking on sand that Johnny Depp has walked on before! 

This is the island where Keira Knightly burned all the rum to try to get rescued when she and Johnny Depp were stranded in the first pirates of the Caribbean. 

So naturally everyone had to take a swig of rum before returning to the boat :)

This is literally just a little spot of sand in the middle of nowhere. 

Sadly this was a private beach and we were not permitted access but it was a nice snorkel for the swimmers. 

Pesky lion fish are invasive to the Caribbean so they are kill on site anywhere and everywhere. They are supposed to be in the Pacific but somehow got released in the Caribbean and they are killing our reefs and eating all the fish in its path. It doesn’t have any natural predators here so the flourish like crazy. 

Good beer. Good beach. 

They call this moonhole. It was some kind of hippy hostel room type place. 

And that brings us to the end of our experience in St Vincent and the Grenadines and of course the lovely St Lucia. We can’t wait to go back and who knows? may be sooner than later!!

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