Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Delivery of Jo- Bahamas to St Martin

Our Bahamas base closes in December due to cold weather. Yet we weren’t due for a vacation until February. So we sailed our Jo down to St Martin for 2 weeks and then flew to St Vincent and the Grenadines! 

We had some engine trouble and needed parts so we stopped over in Turks and’s basically this massive shallow sandy shelf surrounded by deep ocean. The shallow waters reminded me of Bahamas :)
Guess who made tortillas!?!? This girl! And Tyrone enjoyed some breakfast tacos. The recipe is quite easy so just message if you would like the recipe! 

This really IS the color of the water in Caicos!! Had a dolphin friend leading the way :)

A great sunset with the ever eluding and mysterious green flash....which I did not catch on his photo but believe me it happened! 

My handsome captain has that smile because we are about to get to Puerto Rico! More engine problems led us here and also a bad weather window needed to pass. We spent 3 days in Old San Juan! Oh and got more filters and stuff for the engines. The bad fuel from the Bahamas got all kicked up during our delivery. We were beating into wind and swell the entire time so the gnarly bits stressed out our fuel filters and killed the engines. We went through so many filters on this delivery. A delivery that I never ever ever want to do again... but on the bright side we got to see Turks and Caicos and Puerto Rico! 

Pulling into Puerto Rico. Doesn’t that look look lovely? HA!! Just a few minutes after the worst point of our trip lol. It’s funny how once you hit water like this in a channel with a nice view all the bad and negative just fades away.... becomes a glimpse of a memory. 

We visited and toured the old forts of Old San Juan. It was pretty spectacular. 

Some old cannon balls at the fort 

Yeah. How crazy interesting is THAT!?!?!? I loved it so much I got my own little silver necklace. Sometimes a girl just wants to have something pretty:) 

This is my favorite picture. I feel like this captures everything Old San Juan is. 

Well we made it eventually to St Martin where they flew us out straight away in this tiny 4 seater to St Vincent. Thank goodness that delivery was over. No rest for the wicked I guess. We flew the very next day even tho we were both sick. But the show must go on!!! And so it did! 

We took over a cat for a couple going on a long awaited vacation. And so began our adventure in St Vincent and the Grenadines..... 

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