Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ireland 2016 summa time

After working nonstop for 5 months with the charter company we were allowed 1 month off for vacation. We decided to pay a visit to our favorite Irishman!!! All of my life I’ve wanted to visit Ireland...or move there... lol

We flew into Dublin and stayed in an apartment with his brother for a bit. But first things first! These 2 people with the best tan in all of Ireland need a Guinness!!! The Guinness in Ireland is by far the best Guinness in the world. I was surprised by how much I loved it...it was definitely the goto when we were out and about. :)

We visited mammy who cooked us some of the most amazing meals we’ve ever had...like wow... it was so nice to meet his parents after spending time with him in Vanuatu and sailing to the Solomons with him. Their home was beautiful and the garden was amazing!

We showed up a day before the most beautiful day of the year...that's right...there was only one lol...it was in the paper and everything...best day of summer and where do we go for best days of summer?? The BEACH!!!! Yes we went to the beach in Ireland and it was pretty but a bit cold...

 This would be Irish James' brother Irish Karl...lol or just Karl who so graciously allowed us to crash with him during our time in Dublin:) this guy's a legend!
 It was all fun and games until the sun went behind the hill!
 Hangin on the beach on the nicest day of the year in Ireland :)
That's about how far I made into the "refreshing" water that day...

 He took time off work and we went road trippin all over that beautiful island!!!
 We visited the cliffs of Moher

Very very high cliffs of Moher....lol I won't lie, I was a little shaky...

 Visiting his home town of Limerick. How gorgeous is that sight?!?!
 Traffic jam!
 Part of a castle that is still standing...not what I expected when he said he would take us to see some castles lol....but I love it!
 Doing a little rock climbing haha:)
 Visiting a cemetery....
A really really old church...

This guy has a bar here and is supposed to be a real life matchmaker. He pairs together people he gets to know in the bar and most of these people end up happily married!

 I found this strange....lol he visited here so they named a gas station after him I think is how it went...
 Seeing parts of Dublin...
 Molly Malone in Dublin...
 A look of the town while on a quest for Guinness...
 Still looking for the Guinness :)
 Found some damn good BBQ happy to say!

 Doh! Here we go...Found it!
 There is no comparison when it comes to Guinness in Ireland. It's the best. That is all.
 Visiting the Guinness Storehouse to see how it's made and all the memorabilia. This is not the original harp but a replica. Not sure where they keep the original.
 Learning how to pour the perfect pour! Tyrone failed by the way lol....Guinness everywhere!!
Some of our favorite Aussie pirates sailed their boat over and we had a little Vanuatu reunion!!

Don't ask me where this was taken because I cannot tell you...haha all I know is we pulled over on our road trip for a hike and this is where we ended up an hour later. It was awesome!
I could move here and do this hike every week.
I believe we pulled over in Bellfast and had a whiskey flight or 2?...
We had those flights in a really nice hotel in the area and the cherubs were a little disturbing if you ask me....they just look so judgmental... It was just me tho. Everyone else loved the ceiling here :)
We pulled over for a pint during our drive one day and this little pub outta nowhere had the door from Game of Thrones as their bathroom door!
Another piece of a castle on a cliff...
I loved these rocks...they call it Giants Causeway in Antrim...it was said that there was an Irish giant that lived here and across the water was the Scottish giant. They were not friends....Fin McCool the Irish giant decides he is going to Scotland to teach the other giant a lesson but sees how big he is and retreats. Fins wife dresses him as a baby so when the other giant comes a knockin he sees the baby and decides if the baby is that big then dad must be really huge! He retreats back to Scotland and starts to play nice....
The other theory is they are shaped like this because a volcano eruption over 60 million years ago....I like the Finn Mc Cool story betteer!
We made it to Bushmill! Guess where we stopped for a tour? Yes the distillery :) They actually bottle a lot of Jameson there as well.
The biggest castle we see in Ireland.
Stopped on one of the sets for GoT...This beach where someone made landfall to fight with someone else...
Yeah this beach.
This castle was rather nice. We didn't take the tour but walked around the grounds a bit.
I think my favorite part of the whole trip was glamping in this yurt!! A real treat from James!
Spending the day with this view and waking up to it in the morning made the whole trip for me.
Tyrone and I stayed up late talking and feeding wood to the furnace there on the right. It was such a great place!
It just felt right to open a bottle of wine for that moment when we arrived!
Passed by this old lighthouse but it started raining so we didn't make the walk down to it.
These 2 ladies own a pub and pour Guinness for friends all night long....They were too cute not to take their photo.
We spend the day trying to surf in Donegal on this nice little beach break...it was only 20 euros for the board, booties, wetsuit and all for the whole day! And it actually wasn't cold since we had all the gear on.
After attempted surfing the appetites were pretty big....my first bangers and mash! yeah it didn't dissapoint!
The Galway races are pretty famous all over the world I think...I know I have heard of them...
They are supposed to have the best horses for racing in the world....or something...it's kind of a big deal! :)
Interesting artists all over the city...
Like I have been saying, the food was spectacular everywhere we went. We had 5 star meals for every meal...
This girl! Paul and Shiralee sailed Gizmo to Dublin for the owner so we got to see them and spend some time with them too! Ok maybe we planned it actually...to be there the same time they were pulling into port...:)

 James took us on some hikes near his house.
 This happens to be one of his favorite spots to come camping on the beach.
I can see why he loves it so much :)

We stopped over in the Burren where we walked around a whole lotta stones :) It was quite impressive to see how far it extended...just goes on forever...

We made our way all over Ireland and Northern Ireland while we were there. I was pretty happy that some of the places we went to with James, he had actually never been to. I was pretty shocked but I guess that is how it goes when you are from a place...there are lots of places in the States that I have never seen and want to visit as well. I have dreamed of going to Ireland every since I was a little girl and thanks to our awesome Irishman we were able to make that happen! Forever grateful and cannot wait to go back and visit again!!

If you are ever planning on going to Ireland I highly recommend summer time...I cannot imagine going any other time of year! It must get soooooo cold....yikes!

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