Thursday, January 10, 2013


Well we did not get to use our newly learned navigation skills. When we sailed back it got dark pretty quickly so we got to see what it is like to sail at night. We learned what our markers look like at night and what all the different lights mean and what a boat looks like and where all our different colored lights are. Then it started to rain. Grrr. It was not scary it was just really annoying because the wind and rain blow in your face and it’s hard to see. And its FREEZING!!! When we got back the dock was not lit up very well so we had to be extra careful in tying up the lines and such. We did great though! We came back and shut the hatches and put on dry clothes. Warmed up after a bit and hung out and then went to bed about 12:30.
We got to sleep in till 9 the next morning which was nice! The bay there is so calm so I slept like a baby! We went out and practiced man over board and what to do. We all took the helm twice and practiced picking up the danboy (the danboy is a pole you keep on the back of the boat to drop in the water when you have a man overboard to mark the spot where he is. Makes it easier to spot him) that we dropped. When it came time for me to do it again the other team swooped in and picked up my danboy!!! NOT cool!!! They have a bigger and faster boat and they were just showing off a bit. We got it back eventually haha. We sailed back to Mykonos after practicing and that was wonderful until we got here and realized our engine would not start! We had to stay out in the bay with semi-strong winds and take down the main sail. Otto, our fearless instructor, called in to see if the fuel dock was open and sailed us in using the genoa which is the little sail up in the front. Even with the waves he maneuvered us in so perfectly we just slipped right in and parallel to the dock. So perfect and made it look so easy, what a rock star lol.
The captain of the other boat which is Rudi from Star Spirit came over and fixed our engine so it is good for now…hopefully. We ended early so we all went up and had a few beers at the cafĂ©. Everyone ordered food but Ty and I had some steaks waiting for us in the boat. We made some steaks, hung out and then went to bed. Ty was out like a light as always while I had to try to ignore all the noise of the wind and try to fall asleep.
Today we go out in the ocean for the first time and then we will come back and have a big lunch and we get to spring clean the boat from bow to stern..yay… but then we are done for the week and we get a couple days off so time to enjoy Langebaan J

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  1. i love this blog... but you know the designer in me wishes there were a photo in every post!!! just sayin... ;) be safe, we love y'all!