Monday, January 21, 2013


Windy day here. Boat is rocking quite a bit. There was talk of moving us but we are still here for now. Friday was even windier and one of our lines snapped. Our bow spring which keeps the boat from moving forward toward the dock snapped while we were here. It was just me and Tyrone so we had to start the engine and put it in reverse to keep it from moving forward. We called Rudi to come out and we reworked the line and tied it back up again. He took a look at it and it is ok but it is rigged and will be needing a new line soon I am sure. Friday night was a blast! We went out again with our classmates and went to a few more places around here. It hit the spot because I have been missing our nights out dancing all night with our friends back home.

Saturday we went to Cape Town with JJ and we got to meet his grandparents who are super sweet of course. They have the most beautiful view! The water is amazing here and the beaches have white sand and you have Table Mountain in the background.

White sand, beautiful beach and perfect sunsets!

Table Mountain

We stopped on the side of the road on the way to Cape Town
View from JJ's grandparents

View from JJ's parents home

Roadside gas station. All gas stations are full service here btw!

Another view from JJ's parents house.

 After a short visit we went to his house to grab some stuff for the camping trip. We went to Stolenbosch and camped out for the night. There was a music fest sort of thing going on in the middle of some woods. Well not really woods. We drove through all the vineyards and there was a patch of trees in a field where they set up the music fest. We camped out there and our little tent was cozy enough for us lol despite the rock and one large stick that was slept on.

Tyrone and myself at the music fest

 Sunday we packed up and headed over to this water ski cableway called Blue Rock. It was SO pretty there!!! As you can see in the pictures there were mountains in the background and the water was green and crystal clear. Gregors parents actually own this place which may be why he is so good on the wakeboard. We met his mom as “the Americans he told her about” lol. It is funny to hear it every time! We stayed all day and Ty and I watched everyone wakeboard. It was crazy seeing them do tricks and how much air they get! They have a nice set up with plenty of benches, a restaurant and even a kiddy park and swimming area. Tyrone did a little rock diving and they have a zip line there as well so maybe I will get to try that next time. Maybe. It was pretty high… came back Sunday night and Ty and I were beat so we came back to the boat and watched some TV on the laptop. Of course I was out in like an hour. JJ and Gregor kept going and went to a skate park…these kidzzz are crazy! Don’t know how they do it between wakeboarding, skating, surfing, hiking and diving but its nice to be around insanely active people…lol…

aaaand Gregor

A few pics from Blue Rock
Here is the launch point and I believe that is Rudi

Amazing scenery!

Can you imagine growing up here

I missed the flip JJ did but this is him

More JJ...

Random person Skiing instead

Woke up this morning still super tired but we had class at 8:30 and we had to walk up there. I would say it is about a  quarter mile walk which for me is nice, I don’t mind it, but Ty on the other hand…not so enjoyable for him. Our instructor for this course was off today and I believe he and his wife were supposed to have their baby today but they said he should be back tomorrow or Wednesday so I don’t really know. Rob taught us about dead reckoning, estimated positioning and course to steer today so we are learning how to plot charts and read them. We are in our day skipper theory class this week and next week we will be in our day skipper practical. We have a lot to cram in in just a week so I am kinda nervous but we did really well today and got everything right…for the most part…Ty went to the skate park with the boys after class so I got to catch up on some Breaking Bad that I passed out for last night and a little time alone was nice. I had the whole v berth to myself!! Lol its not much so that is quite an accomplishment. Haha. Nicole left to go home on Friday and she just got back this morning. And the girl brought a whole pantry with here! Yeah we have fooooood!!!
So we were about to leave JJ’s house before we went to  Blue Rock aannnd we were loading up the car when all of a sudden we heard this buzzing noise like zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!! It was a freakin swarm of BEES flying over the house!!! It was so loud I was sure were going to be picked up and tossed around by them but we jumped in the car and slammed the doors just in time. I think I felt the car lift a little but it was too heavy for them….ok well it wasn’t that dramatic but it was a big swarm and it was really loud. We just waited a few seconds for it to pass before opening the doors again.
Went to the pick n pay for lunch today since it is in the mall where our class is. Sandwiches did not look that great so we went next door to the pie king where they have these meat pies. They have one with chicken and mushrooms and I swear it is just like a chicken pot pie! Omg it so good and im sure extremely unhealthy but we did it anyway. Yum. Gotta get back to being good, I was on the right track when I got here and now I don’t know what happened. Between the McD’s, KFC and meat pies im gonna weigh 200 lbs and die of a heart attack. Sammiches and salads from now on I swear! 

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