Sunday, January 13, 2013


Wow this is amazing. Friday we sailed back to Saldanha and had lunch on the boat again. Then we switched boats so Tyrone, myself and the other 2 girls jumped onto Star Spirit and took off with Rudi. The boys jumped on our boat Amulet for the first time as well. Can I just say WOW. Star Spirit is bigger and a little nicer to sail. Its easier and bigger and does not heel over as much. Tyrone took the helm on the way out of the bay into the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean. Rudi took over as it was our first time out in the swells. WE HAD SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!! I was afraid I might get sea sick but NO sickness at all. We had about 1 meter swells which is not huge but bigger than anything Ty and I have ever experienced. It was amazing and fun and exciting so we had a blast. We sailed out and around an island and came back in to Mykonos. I took the helm on the way back so I could see the difference between having a wheel and a tiller. I like the wheel better but they are both a lot of work. Cant wait to get into auto pilot! Lol. When we got back it was easier to just drop the sail and get the genoa away. On Amulet we have to drop the sail and fold it and then put the cover on. With Star Spirit there are lazy jacks where you just drop the sail and it folds itself up into the sail cover. Anyhoo we had a blast and it was amazing and we cannot picture another life at this point. We are loving it here. Its gorgeous every day and there is always a good wind so perfect sailing weather.
When we got back on Amulet we realized that we forgot to shut off the sea cock so we took in a lot of water. We spent an hour and a half cleaning up the boat and getting it back to somewhat normal. We met everyone for a celebratory drink at the Dockside Bar and were in a much better mood after a few beers. We hung out all night with Rudi (the instructor) and his girl. They are the sweetest couple!! We definitely like spending time with them, they are lots of funJ. We have a great group here everyone is awesome!
Ty and I woke up Saturday and cleaned the boat and organized everything. We did laundry and finally have everything clean! We walked to the store and bought some groceries and supplies. It is so nice here and I love being able to walk everywhere. I think I am actually losing weight already! My skinny shorts fit kinda loose so yay! J
We watched the sun go down at dockside last night with a bottle of white wine. We met some locals, had some drinks, played darts and danced around a bit. Had a great night with everyone. JJ woke us up this morning to go hunting for crayfish at about 9. We drove about 20 minutes away and the boys put on their wet suites and dove in. JJ came back with 1 crayfish and said they were all too small so he didn’t grab the smaller ones. Crayfish here are the size of our lobsters but they do not have claws. We just cracked them open and filled them with garlic cloves and garlic butter and put them in the broiler on Star Spirit. We also bought a fish filet and topped it with garlic butter and I cannot wait to dig into this. This is by far the best lunch we have had yet. Ty and I sat on the rocks near the water while they went fishing. We saw an octopus, a sea urchin and a star fish!
Tomorrow we start our STCW so we will be in a class room all week. L we learn how to put out fires and do rescues and all that so this should be fun. 

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