Tuesday, January 29, 2013


We passed day skipper theory which was in the classroom that you last saw. Then we went out for a little celebration Friday night which was a LOT of fun. Saturday was Rudi's birthday so we bought him a few beers Saturday night. Sunday we went to a concert for Swedish House Mafia and that was awesome! It was out in a field! That would never happen in Houston because it is so hot and humid but this concert was actually out in a field (an ostrich farm actually) and it felt great outside! A little on the chilly side but great if you are dancing the whole time. They put on a really good show and we had a blast. On the way home there was the biggest owl I have ever seen in the middle of the road. We just turned onto it but it was there in the middle and it did a 180 with it's head and then flew off. It would have done some serious damage to the car if we had hit it but we saw it fly off and it was pretty awesome to me. JJ was driving and it didn't really seem to phase him much but me? i was in awe! lol... We started our day skipper practical week yesterday and its been pretty fun so far. Today we went out with Otto and learned how to steer the boat with JUST the sails!!! We tied up the tiller and just steered with the sails. We did finally see some dolphins today!! We were practicing our navigation when we saw about 6-7 dolphins playing a ways over off our port side. We quickly re-routed and chased them down! That was the first time we saw dolphins!! It was great! Not much else going on but we are braaing again tonight in Saldanha. I need a good fun book to read so if anyone has any suggestions you can email me. Our distance trip is coming up in a couple of weeks and I would like to have something to do besides watch movies and stuff on my down time. Thinking I need to just buy real books instead of using my kindle. That thing is useless when the battery runs out and it seems to do that a lot lately. Haven't even used it and its dead.

Creepy calm marina...

Ty and I at lunch on the beach near Cape Town

Nicole will be missed! This is her last week :(


  1. need to post pics of all the girls yall are working with =)

  2. a good book to read the bible. its tells you about God's hearts desire. It's awesome. Love u n miss u muncho mama