Friday, January 18, 2013


Went out with the boys on Tuesday night. Visited a few local places and had some fun but we paid for it in class the next day. Wednesday all we did was watch movies on how to put on life jackets and thermal suits and survival at sea kind of stuff. It was hard to stay awake but we managed to do it with 18 cups of coffee. Ok well maybe not 18 but close. The coffee is just not that strong so I think we may need a care package! Lol just kidding. It was not the most exciting day but we came home and watched some tv and made some dinner. We got some chops and chicken kebabs on the way back to the boat and had a nice hot dinner instead of PB&J. I guess JJ was sleeping off his ear infection from diving the other day so Gregor came over and crashed our party after a while. He showed us some of his wake boarding videos and turns out this guys pretty good on a wake board! I would give you a link but im not sure where he pulled it up. We did go up to Dockside for a little bit and waited for midnight to hit here so Ty could call his dad and be the first to wish him a happy birthday.

Thursday was fun! We went to class and watched a couple more videos and then we all had to change and put on overalls or coveralls. Then we practiced jumping in the pool with every different kind of life jacket. We also put on these immersion suits which are big red Gumbi looking suits that keep you warm and dry supposedly. I had water in my suit but it still floats. It was pretty funny because they all come in one size and we have a few small people in our group. You kind of come out looking like a telletubby lol. We practiced putting them on and jumping in the water so we know what to expect if shit hits the fan. And of course I was the only one who screamed when we had to jump from the platform! Haha it was about 7 feet up and I’m shaking and takin deep breaths before plunging to my demise. Ok it wasn’t that dramatic but I did scream the first time I had to jump in from the platform. Come on now would you expect anything else? We got cleaned up and went back to class after tea time and then went to lunch which was lasagna!!! Mmmm it was so great and really cheesy. We needed all those carbs after swimming all morning. I did see them put the helicopter in the water and practice diving but that was a different class. We finished our exams and received our certificates for first aid and personal safety. We have one more class to take but we are taking it later. Its for firefighting. We get to put on suits and run through a smoke house and put out fires with a fire hose. We have to wear oxygen masks and everything! I am pretty excited about that!

Ty and I have a 3 day weekend and I think we may just venture out a little. Might go out with some class mates on Saturday and come back Sunday. Something like that. Sleeping in does not exist anymore. We are normally up by 6 or 7 and in class by 8. Today we slept till I think 9! Lol then our boat was invaded by Dustin and Otto and they are working on the engine and the head right now. Mmm I love waking up to the smell of diesel. Haha just kidding at least things are getting fixed! We had some wine last night and watched a movie. We were in the middle of Breaking Bad when Trudy (one of the office girls) came by to fetch us. Her parents are so wonderful and they are staying on a catamaran 2 boats down from us! We went over and had some drinks and ate some curry dinner that her mom made. OMG it was amazing! Almost as good as my peanut butter and jelly, almost….lol jk…We were not even hungry but you don’t pass up a good hot meal made by mom ya know. We got to take a tour of the cat and it was huge and really really nice! It had 2 full heads with showers, like 4 bedrooms and a huge galley and saloon for everyone to hang out in.

Its pretty windy today. Sara warned me it was going to be and she was right! Crazy windy days are pretty common here though. That’s why we chose south Africa. :P man I am turning browwwn here! Lol my arms and legs are SO dark already and its only been 2 weeks! And I have a nasty tan line from my shorts…grrr….i am noticing that everyone here has some pretty nasty tan lines but it comes with the job so what are ya gonna do? Well Tyrone lost his jacket already! His blue fleece one with the orange zippers that we got just before the trip is MIA. He does have another one but it looks like we are going to get our foul weather gear this week. We have a distance trip coming up and we will need them for that. Well I think it is time to get up now. Gregor has all the photos from the training so I will steal them when I see him again. You will see us in our coveralls and teletubby suits!

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