Thursday, January 24, 2013


It has been pretty boring this week so nothing to really update on. We have been studying plotting charts which honestly is a pain in the ass....its fun to learn but we were here for 10 hours straight yesterday doing homework and practicing plotting. Learning currents, tidel streams and stuff. Last night and this morning were kind of creepy. There was absolutely no wind whatsoever and the marina was like glass. There were no masts swaying like crazy from side to side. It really scared me! I didnt know what to think! Apocalypse  Noooo...just to quite for me. I need more wind howling. It's just eerie how quiet it is but I'm sure it will pick up soon. Today we are learning flags and lights and what they all mean. It tells us what kind of boat we are seeing at night and what position they are in. So just a lot of memorization today and exam is tomorrow. eek! I am sure we will do great but its still nerve racking.

My chart plotting training

Our classroom for the week. Can't wait to get back out on the water!

I am really glad the one or two things that taste the same here are orange Fanta and Oreos! yum! I really miss mexican food though. There is good food to be had here but we are limited to this mall and the restaurants at Mykonos. I need sushi too!!! You would think there would be more seafood here but there is not actually. There is calamari and fried hake (common fish here) i think its like our tilapia. But not much crab or different fish or lobster. Well there are a few dishes with prawns but I guess I expected more of a variety of dishes this close to the water. 

Our boat is quite nice right now. It is just us and Nicole and since we moved it is much calmer and does not rock at all! Almost no fun...jk...Our head had been out of order for a couple days though and it will be out until tomorrow. The handle that you pump on the toilet broke off because it was really hard to pump after a leak was fixed on it. Tried flushing and it just popped right off! I am sure you can imagine how unpleasant it is waking in the middle of the night and having to run to the marina bathroom. yikes! You just pray you will make it! LOL. 

JJ plugging in our AC with the guys holding up the ladder :P

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